Fabio Vito


30 May 2024, 11:30, Aula Jappelli 

Fast SMBH growth in gas-rich proto-clusters at high redshift

Environment is one of the main physical drivers of galaxy evolution. The densest regions at high-redshift, i.e. z>2 protoclusters, are gas-rich regions characterized by high star-formation activity. The same physical properties that enhance star formation are also thought to boost the growth of supermassive black holes, likely in heavily obscured conditions. X-ray observations are ideal tools to identify AGN in the structures, even accreting in heavily obscured conditions, and probe that scenario. I will discuss recent results obtained via X-ray observations of z=4 gas-rich protoclusters, namely SPT2349-56 and DRC. In particular, we found that the triggering of luminous AGN in these structures is boosted by 3-5 orders of magnitudes in these structures with respect to the field environemnt, proving the existence of a tight physical link between dense environment, the availability of gas reservoirs, and SMBH growth. Such luminous AGN represent the period of fast SMBH growth required to explain the presence of 1e9-1e10 Msun SMBHs in the central galaxies of local clusters.


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