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01 June 2023, 11:30, Sala Jappelli  

Public engagement in Astrophysics 

Public engagement is the term currently used to define one of the ten fields of action of the Third Mission, i.e. all the activities that seek to generate knowledge outside academic environments to the benefit of the social, cultural and economic development. Therefore "Public engagement" is the wording that has recently been used to describe all the communication practices, aimed at a non-academic public, through which the research institutions and the universities communicate their scientific results and the benefits of scientific research. These initiatives include debates, public talks, exhibitions, activities for children and young people, theatrical performances, etc. through which it is possible to promote the dissemination of knowledge.

In this seminar Federico Di Giacomo will show in detail what is the public engagement and some best practices in this field, giving an idea of how to develop, implement, and evaluate activities for a more effective dissemination of scientific research in astrophysics.

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